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Watercolour painting has been my passion for a long time. Thanks to my artistic training, I love the construction, balance and strength of the time by also the movement.


I love the journeys wich are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Travelling is discovering others and painting allows these contacts and exchanges.


Art is really this link of communication between people.


I enjoy working "en plein air" to catch the poetry of a landscape, to capture the movement of african dancers or the ardour of the musicians, to translate the vastness of mountains and their notion of infinity and contrast.


As creators, we are also interpret. For us to know how to transpose the observed elements. Evoking, suggesting, encouraging for your imagination, and try to transcribe all this elements with water and pigments, wath a challenge !!!

Challenge I share with the participants of a workshop that I organise in the Val d'Oise, together we make choices, to bring out the essential in a painting, we try not to say everything. Each artist can find his or her style.


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